Special Education and Rehabilitation minor: 18 UNITS

OPTION 1:  Special Education & Rehabilitation Focus


SERP 400: Survey of Exceptional Students

SERP 414: Introduction to Disability Studies and Services

SERP 416: Disability Perspectives and Narratives


SERP 197B: Intro. to Service Learning & Contributions

SERP 200: Mass Media and Its Construction of Disability

SERP 202: Introduction to Low Incidence Disabilities

SERP 402: Behavior Principles & Disability

SERP 404: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Exceptional Learners

SERP 412: Violence in Schools and Communities

SERP 420: Low Vision and Visual Functioning

SERP 421: Introduction to Visual Impairments and Deaf

SERP 422: Orientation and Mobility for Teachers of Individuals with Visual Impairments

SERP 424: Methods of Teaching the Visually Impaired

SERP 430: Education & Rehab. of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Individuals

SERP 455: Rehabilitation and Aging

SERP 464: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

SERP 465: Introduction to Rehabilitation

SERP 478: Prevention of Addictions

SERP 479A: Psychiatric Rehabilitation I

SERP 481: Interviewing and Client Services

SERP 487: Psychosocial, Cultural, and Familial Aspects of Disability

SERP 497K: Sexuality and Disability

SERP 499: Independent Study

OPTION 2: Deaf Studies Focus

Option 2 can be declared while the student is enrolled in SERP 431b (ASL IV).

Choosing this minor option does not guarantee enrollment in SERP 370a or SERP 370b (ASL I or II).

SERP 370a and SERP 370b are pre-requisites to SERP 431a and SERP 431b.


SERP 431A: American Sign Language III

SERP 431B: American Sign Language IV


SERP 430: Education & Rehab. of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Individuals (summer session II only, online)

SERP 433A: Introduction to the Structure of ASL*

SERP 433B: Languages and Cultures of the Deaf Communities*

SERP 433C: Special Topics in Deaf Studies*

SERP 433D: ASL Literature and Film*

SERP 444A (6 units): ASL Discourse Processes: Intensive ASL (summer session I only, in person)

SERP 452: Introduction to Educational Interpreting (fall only)

*These courses are taught in a rotating sequence once every two years. Priority enrollment is given to Deaf Studies majors, so seats may be limited.



For more information about this minor, please call the College of Education’s Office of Student Services at (520) 621-7865 or click here.