Literacy, Learning & Leadership


The Literacy, Learning, and Leadership Major is created for individuals who want to pursue leadership positions in a variety of educational settings outside of the traditional school context. Flexible coursework prepares graduates for a future that will impact diverse learning communities through transformative leadership, educational policy, and innovative practice. Students will examine policies that promote equity and educational access for a wide range of groups, including immigrant children and adults, for people living in poverty and for people with disabilities, among others.

**Literacy, Learning, and Leadership graduates understand that----

LITERACY is MORE than just reading, writing, listening, and speaking----it involves communicating digitally in ways that encourage inquiry, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and more.

LEARNING happens all around us in informal and informal settings outside of the traditional classroom.

LEADERSHIP includes much more than managing people and speaking from a podium!


Is Literacy, Learning and Leadership Right for You?


Crystal Soltero
Director of LLL major and ACE minor

For more information about this degree or to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor, please call the College of Education’s Office of Student Services at (520) 621-7865.